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UFSCar:Innovation Challenge - 1st Prize

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Projects of new materials for the health area win the UFSCar Challenge

UFSCar Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge awarded two projects in its first edition, one in the startup category and the other in the licensing category, which involve the application of materials for the Health area.

In the startup category, the winner was Gustavo Valio, a doctoral candidate at the Department of Materials Engineering (DEMa) at UFSCar.

In the case of the winning project in the licensing category, researchers and entrepreneurs Marina Trevelin and Clever Chinaglia won.

According to UFSCar, Valio presented an alternative technological solution for orthopedic plaster, called bHealed. The objective is to improve the experience of patients who need immobilization, in addition to facilitating the professional's work, eliminating the dirt from the environment and, practically, with the same process cost. Valio's initiative was supported by the FAPESP Research Innovative in Small Businesses Program (PIPE).

According to Valio, the challenge was essential for him to learn about the different fronts that need to be worked on in developing an idea or project. “The UFSCar Challenge showed me part of the path that needed to be planned and followed to get bHealed off the ground,” he said.

Trevelin and Chinaglia made a business model for a technology developed at UFSCar's Laboratory of Vitreous Materials and licensed by the company Vetra, created by the two with the objective of commercializing biomaterials. The company also has support from PIPE-FAPESP.

“Our business model seeks to provide a new generation of biomaterials for the regeneration of various tissues of the human body, such as skin, bone and nerves, in a faster and safer way”, said Trevelin.

Winners received a package of services from Amazon worth US$5,000, in addition to space for use at Onovolab – a platform for the development of innovative projects in São Carlos – for three months, free participation in the Fast Track training program Ventures also for three months, a scholarship from the Integrated Finance Training Program offered by Sebrae and a trophy given by the dean of UFSCar.

The UFSCar business model competition aimed to effectively bring to society the technological advances resulting from studies, research, academic efforts and undertakings by students, professors, administrative technicians and external participants linked to the university, through activities of training, in addition to individualized guidance. The winning projects were announced at the UFSCar Challenge closing event, which took place on June 7, 2018.

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